Easter Antics

Easter is hands-down my favorite holiday. It’s in the best season with the best holiday food and especially candy. The church services during the Triduum are some of my favorites all year, and we are reminded that Jesus has conquered death and we have nothing to fear. What’s not to like?

This year Gavin and I attended the Vigil mass at our parish again. It was just as magical as always, with the darkness, bonfire, candles, Alleluias, and baptisms, and I found myself crying during the offertory because the veil seemed unbearably thin and I was imagining our loved ones in heaven preparing to celebrate Easter with Jesus. Oh my goodness, how incredibly beautiful to think about.

On Sunday, we went out for lunch and ate barbecue at Sugarfire and then had my parents over for dinner. The weather didn’t really cooperate with the grilled meal I had planned, but it was delicious nonetheless.  We had pork tenderloin with a wet rosemary-honey rub, scalloped potatoes, prosciutto-wrapped asparagus, and sugar cookies.



This week I’ve been at work in our little yard, bundling more bush honeysuckle, spreading my weight (and then some) in manure, and hoeing up weeds.  Watching the flowers bloom in turn and preparing for the summer bounties ahead makes me happy and hopeful. There’s just so much to look forward to in the spring.



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Gavin and I spent last week in Colorado! The first half of the week we were skiing with his whole family around Avon.  I had never skied before, so we went skiing ahead of time at Hidden Valley here in the St. Louis area so I could master the super-basics.  The first day we still started too hard and I fell a lot on our first run. Fortunately Gavin went out and found the easier green runs and I wound up having a lot of fun despite my lack of skill.



We spent the last couple of days in Denver catching up with friends who have made their way there. We ate ramen,  walked around Boulder,


visited the Capitol,

saw the blue bear,


took tours of Hammond’s Candies and Celestial Seasonings, ate brunch at Snooze at Union Station, bought the requisite souvenir Christmas ornament, and visited the Forney Transportation Museum.

And we even saw a prairie dog.


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Five Favorites for Dressing A Tall, Slim Guy

I know from personal experience and from listening to strangers that dressing a tall, skinny guy is one of life’s many challenges.  My husband and brother are both quite tall (6’4″+) and very slim (~165-170 pounds) and finding clothes that fit them is something that keeps my mom and me busy.  My husband and I aren’t very into style, but we do want him to at least have clothes that fit. Here are some of our favorite items.

Eddie Bauer Slim Fit Tall Polos

I can’t find polos for my husband (his daily uniform) that are both a slim fit and available in tall sizes (especially a medium tall) anywhere else.  They sometimes don’t have these (like right now), which regularly terrifies me that they are going to discontinue them, but so far they’ve always come back.  If you see a color you like, buy it right away because the good colors seem to go quickly.  Gavin isn’t much for t-shirts, but their tall, slim-fit long-sleeve t-shirts do actually fit, if you’re looking for that sort of thing.


Land’s End Straight Fit Jeans & Tailored Fit Chinos

These jeans are great because they come in both even and odd sizes all the way down to a 30″ waist. You can then choose the inseam yourself by the quarter inch, up to a 36″ length.  We also buy dress pants from Land’s End for all the same reasons.  I like the no-iron, plain-front, tailored-fit chinos.  If you need shorts, they also have nice chino shorts in longer lengths.

2014-12-25 09.50.31

Land’s End Dress Shirts

Gavin’s been wearing these dress shirts since his college days but I’ve welcomed their tailored fit line.  I wish the slim fit ones came in tall, but they don’t, so we make do with the tailored fit. Gavin and my brother both wear the same size, which is 15.5 x 36, usually the smallest you can get in tall sizes, so if you need something slimmer or longer, you’re out of luck here.  Their “casual” tailored-fit button-front shirts in a medium tall also look great.


JC Penney Stafford Big & Tall Undershirts

This is the only time big & tall sizes have ever been useful to me, but these undershirts go all the way down to a medium tall.  These are amazing. I bought some for Gavin over a year ago on the recommendation of the internet and he was skeptical they’d be better than his generic size large undershirts. After a week he requested that we replace all of the old ones with these.  These are also a dream to wash and fold and they haven’t stretched out or gotten misshapen in 16 months of wear.


Nordstrom Rack Clearance Rack

I don’t know if it’s because slim fit seems to be growing in popularity, but every time my mom and I go there to look for dress shirts, we always find tons of shirts in the right size. Sometimes there are benefits to being on the edge!

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