Five Favorites: Knitting Notions

Five Favorites: Knitting Notions

Last year, my good friend Tara started learning to knit. (Pick it back up, lady!) Her husband wanted to get her some knitting “stuff” for her birthday and wondered if I had any ideas. Oh man, of course I did! I’ve been knitting for a long time and have built up quite the array of tools to choose from, but here are some of my favorites.


1. Clover darning needles

These are the best darning needles and the little case they come in is very helpful to prevent the immediate loss of said best needles.

2. Chart keeper

This is the best tool to keep things straight when knitting lace or colorwork from a chart.  You attach the chart with magnets and use other magnets to keep your place.  When you are using it, it stands up like a little easel, making it easy to check your place often. It folds in half, keeping everything nice and secure, for when you want to take your projects on the go.


3. Soft stitch markers

These are my favorite stitch markers, especially the smaller ones included in this package.  I find stiff stitch markers to be annoying, but these are pliable and allow you to transfer them from one needle to the other with ease.

4. Knitting counter

I use both this physical counter and an app on my phone, depending on what project I’m working on and whether or not I have any physical counters left. This clicky type is way better than those where you have to turn the small dials and comes with a lock to prevent it from getting clicked when you put it in your bag.  You can also use it for other things. Gavin used one to count his running laps when he lived in Chicago.


5. Options interchangeable needles

Interchangeable circular needles forever! I stubbornly love DPNs but for everything else, give me a circular needle – no straights! These are my favorite because the points are very sharp, the cables are extra-bendy, and the metal tips are super slick. I hate wood needles, but these do also come in various colors of laminated birch for those who prefer something stickier.  I’ve had my set for about seven years with no problems.