Finished Object: Blue Star Beanie

Finished Object: Blue Star Beanie

When I ordered this Knit Picks Hawthorne during the Big Sale in 2014, I knew that it was destined for Gavin.  Seeing this hat, the Blue Star Beanie, in the right weight, for the right variegation of yarn, just sitting in my ravelry library was all I needed to finish my planning.


Knitting it though, was a test of will.  I asked Gavin if he would like a longer brim so he could fold it up, and of course he said yes.  Plus it’s 3×3 rib, which I meant that it wasn’t as natural to me as 2×2 rib and required more focus during the most boring slog.  I didn’t like the increase round to ready for the cable pattern and I missed the (fairly hidden) direction to shift the start of the round by one stitch so I wasn’t happy with the way the stitch pattern was lining up with the ribbing.  And I always find knitting cables tedious even though the finished pieces are some of my favorites.


If I were to knit it again, there are a lot of changes I would make.  I’d knit the ribbing as the full number of stitches for the hat, but on smaller needles, and keep my modification of knitting a longer brim for folding.  Then I’d increase my needle size instead of increasing the number of stitches.  And I’d make sure that I lined everything up.

BUT. The hat is nice.

It’s a nice change of pace from grey hats and I think the light weight will be nice for Gavin to wear this spring.  When you fold up the brim, you can’t tell that the stitches don’t line up properly.  Plus that’s a detail only I (or maybe another knitter) would notice.

So: the hat is nice. Knitting it wasn’t. It’s done, and I’m happy.