Creating Color Palettes: Yellow

Creating Color Palettes: Yellow

Factotum of Arts is hosting a color series and this month it’s all about yellow.  Michelle posted a challenge to create a nine print mosaic featuring yellow and I knew this would be a great growth exercise for me since I’m new to quilting.

I actually made a few palettes. The first I made without a real plan, just browsing yellow fabrics and choosing what I liked. I would up with a mustard, grey, and pinks palette.


  1. Robert Kaufman 2. Skinny laMinx 3. Emma Jean Jansen 4. Jill McDonald 5. Jan Avellana 6. Kathy Hall 7. Katarina Roccella 8. Hawthorne Threads 9. Carolyn Friedlander

The next one I went into with a color scheme from an inspiration page that I had pinned from Design Seeds to my color inspiration board about a year ago. I’m all about mint and orange together, so this was something I loved. I choose some lighter yellows to go with the tangerine, aqua, and grey.

Screen Shot 2016-02-13 at 12.34.29 PM


  1. Dear Stella 2. Riley Blake 3. Whistler Studios 4. Dear Stella 5. Joel Dewberry 6. Hawthorne Threads 7. Karen Lewis 8. Karen Lewis 9. Lisa Tilse

The next palette I made was based on one of my favorite prints from the Lizzy House Natural History bundle I just got, Butterfly Box.  I chose varying shades of mustard, as well as some peach, red, and blues.


  1. Joel Dewberry 2. Cotton and Steel 3. Riley Blake 4. Leah Duncan 5. Lizzy House 6. Carolyn Friedlander 7. Leah Duncan 8. Lizzy House 9. Rashida Coleman Hale

Looking at this palette, it’s actually very similar to another inspiration pin I had on my board! This is my favorite of the palettes I created.

Screen Shot 2016-02-13 at 12.41.01 PM

And lastly, I saw this center Ed Emberley print while I was browsing yellows and knew I wanted to make a color palette around it.  I picked up the various yellows from the lions’ manes as well as the orange from the tigers and green from their eyes.  I love the various shades of yellow with this print, but am not sure about how I incorporated the orange and green.  I think they may have too much white when compared with the other prints.


  1. Alison Glass 2. Dear Stella 3. Cotton and Steel 4. Art Gallery Fabrics 5. Ed Emberley 6. Karen Lewis 7. Michael Miller 8. Ampersand Design Studio 9. Robert Kaufman

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