Finished Object: Graffiti Hat

Finished Object: Graffiti Hat


I finished this Graffiti Hat in November but dawdled in getting pictures until I finished all of my gift knitting.

After making it a third of the way through the cable chart and realizing I had made a really visible mistake, this hat went into time-out for a little while. Gavin frogged it for me (isn’t he nice?) back to the ribbing and I started again. being more careful about which side of the hat my working yarn was on! The rest of the hat was completed without a hitch.

The decreases look a little funky when the hat is flat, but it looks fine on so all is well.

I have to say that Knitpicks line of Swish yarns is one of my favorites.  All of my projects in it (like the mitts for my grandpa, my red and grey Winkel-Winken hat, and more!) seem so delightfully squishy and the fact that it’s machine washable and soft makes it great for gift knitting.


Here’s to many more grey hats in the future!