Yarn Along 14

Yarn Along 14

I’m still knitting on my knitalong socks. The red ones are for me, Animal Crackers, and the stripes are a toe-up sport-weight version of Porthos for Gavin.


I got to the end of the heel increases on his socks and found that they were MUCH too large for his feet, so some frogging is in my future. Boo. At least they’re great TV knitting and easily read. Gavin requested a princess sole (reverse stockinette) on this pair and I wasn’t quite sure how to handle the toe. I left it as normal, so they look a little funny when they’re not on his feet. Oh well.


I’m loving the twisted stitches without using a cable needle on my socks though, at least now that I’ve found my rhythm! They’re quite a fun knit, with enough action to be interesting and enough plain knit stitches to not make me throw them down in disgust: a rare combination indeed.


The Elegance of the Hedgehog is quietly funny and I am thoroughly enjoying it. I recently finished The Elephant Keepers’ Children so I’m apparently on a kick of reading translated books with a teen narrator and bizarre parents.