WIP Wednesday: First Quilt Top

WIP Wednesday: First Quilt Top

I started this quilt literally four years ago, when I lived in Wisconsin. I used Don’t Call Me Betsy’s Sweet Girlie Charm Square Quilt tutorial and I finally finished the quilt top this week. It’s not necessarily fabric I would choose now, but I’m determined to finish and learn from it.


Pro tip: write down what tutorial you’re using somewhere (I like Google Drive for planning out sewing projects), because I didn’t…and spent a lot of time combing through my pins looking for it hoping it was somewhere in there. It was, but whew!

There are a lot of flaws in it, mainly because I was not as careful with trimming my blocks as I should have been. So many lessons already learned!

But it will still make a great little quilt and the existing imperfections will help me tackle new skills without worrying too much about “ruining” it.

I chose (way back when) orange with large polka dots for the back and brown with tiny polka dots for the binding. I like both of these a lot and am looking forward to getting started on the quilting and binding!