Seven Quick Takes: Why We Don't Live in the Country

Seven Quick Takes: Why We Don’t Live in the Country

I feel like everyone is moving to the country to have a mini-homestead these days! While we considered buying a house with land in the country when we were house-shopping two years ago, here’s why we ended up in our inner-ring suburban neighborhood instead.

1. We live close to everything. Our church, Catholic school, public schools, and parks are all less than two blocks away. Shops, restaurants, the library, and grocery stores are all less than two miles away. Living within walking distance of our church is my favorite part of all. People recognize us as “the walkers” and it gives us something to talk about. Plus, we can hear the church bells when our windows are open. We’re living the dream!


2. We have easy access to the city, including downtown and Forest Park. Forest Park is one of our favorite places to go and houses what I consider most of St. Louis’ finest. Because we live nearby (and within biking distance), we can visit more frequently without it turning into a huge trip.

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3. Walking and biking are part of our lives. It’s much easier for me to set off on foot to a destination than it is to motivate myself to go on a “pointless” walk every day. I like having that exercise built into our weeks.


4. We could actually be a one-car family someday. This is a goal Gavin and I have been toying with since we were dating, and while the time isn’t right for us now, it’s something we could actually achieve living where we do. If we lived in a rural area, it would be a never, instead of a maybe.

5. Our neighborhood is diverse and we like it that way. Should we be blessed with children, we think it is important for them to grow up surrounded by all kinds of people. Plus it just means I can do things like shop at ethnic grocery stores for specialty ingredients and that we have authentic food from around the globe nearby.

6. Our small yard is enough work. Although we only have 1/8 of an acre, Gavin and I both feel like we spend quite enough time working on our yard. While Gavin can mow the grass quickly, we have a lot of beds and want to tear out most of our grass to create even more.  I can’t imagine having a larger yard that needed even more work.

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7. I like old houses, at least most of the time. While I don’t enjoy our old house when it seems like everything needs fixing, there are also times where I just love everything about it. There’s a lot to live: the tiled bathroom, the wood floors, the endless molding, the tiny but beautiful closets, the plaster walls. Plus, it keeps us humble to live like people did 75 years ago.