Five Favorites: Kitchen Tools Under $20

Five Favorites: Kitchen Tools Under $20

These are five of my favorite kitchen items under $20 that I would replace immediately if they died.

1. Analog timer. Using a my phone or the oven timer just doesn’t cut it for me – I love my timer. In fact, my old timer (pictured) died recently, after living with me in FOUR states, and it was incredibly distressing.  I reached for it many times while waiting for its replacement to arrive from Amazon Prime and am really happy with the new one.  It’s magnetic so it can stick to my pot rack and stay off the counter!


2. OXO 12″ nylon head tongs.  If you know me in person, chances are good that you have received these from me as a gift (I even gave them to my bridesmaids as part of their gifts) because I seriously don’t know how to cook in a kitchen without good tongs and don’t know how anyone else does either.  I reach for these daily and we have talked frequently about getting a second pair because it’s just the worst when they are in the dishwasher.


3. Pyrex storage containers. We have a dedicated shelf for the many we own and I love them all. Being able to see your leftovers means being more likely to eat them, plus they are glass so you can feel good about storing and even microwaving your food in them.  We have one of this set, two of this set, and a set similar to these. Gavin prefers the tiny rectangles but the meal-sized circles will always be my favorite. (Even though they are technically less efficient for storage).

4. OXO heat-resistant spatulas. I own four of these, in various sizes. And I love them all.  The most recent addition is the mini jar spatula, which makes using the gigantic Costco jars of peanut butter we buy totally painless. Along with a thousand other things.  The others get used to cook scrambled eggs, stir anything, scrape bowls…there’s a reason we have three.


5. Nordic Ware half sheet pans. I could NOT find a cookie sheet I liked after moving out of my parents’ house. They have heavy stainless steel cookie sheets, which I liked but couldn’t find ones of a similar quality for a reasonable price for myself.  After the finish scraping off one too many (read: two) I did a ton of internet research and bought two of these. I like how big they are and they are the perfect size for my silicone baking mats.