Finished Objects: Six (Yes, Six) Dishcloths

Finished Objects: Six (Yes, Six) Dishcloths

I mentioned a couple of weeks ago that I usually get out of a knitting slump by knitting a dishcloth or two. What I usually don’t do is knit six.


But that’s what I did this time.

First I made a Linoleum Dishcloth using small balls of leftover yarn. I’ve knit this once before, but only using three colors instead of five.


Then I made a Clover Tweed using dark green and a small leftover ball of variegated yarn. This one might be my favorite of all that I knit and I will definitely be making this pattern again.


After that, I still wasn’t ready to quit so I cast on a Harmonic Mosaic Cloth. I have made one of these before (a LONG time ago) and like how easily memorized the pattern is while still giving great results.


I let Gavin choose the next one out of my queue and stash. He chose a Garter Rib Dishcloth in light blue. This one is pretty tiny; next time I would add a pattern repeat to get more of a “usual” dishcloth size. This is a two-row pattern and therefore very easily memorized.


Next, I knit a Little Tent Dishcloth, which turned out huge. I would definitely remove a pattern repeat if I were to make this again.


And last of all, a Checker-Square Garter Dishcloth. I removed a pattern repeat, which made it the perfect size. I wish it were a charted pattern though! Knitting from row-by-row instructions makes for very tedious TV knitting.


And there you have it: six new dishcloths and a happily knitting Kate.