Draft Snakes

Draft Snakes

The first apartment Gavin and I lived in had a great sunroom in the back, with access from the kitchen and our spare bedroom.  The bad news: the sunroom wasn’t heated or cooled and the doors leading to it had huge gaps under them.  Since Gavin moved into the apartment in January, we realized we had to do something about it quickly!


I found this great tutorial that gave directions for using plumbing insulation (which is very cheap!) to create a twin draft snake with insulation on both sides of the door.  This was nice because we could still easily use the door without having to move anything first.

We made three of them, one for the kitchen and two that went on each of the french doors in the spare bedroom. Gavin did most of the sewing for this project, so you know it was really easy.


The only change I made was to sew both ends of the tube closed, which is somewhat challenging to do on a sewing machine (and admittedly does not look very neat) because the foam is big, but I don’t like the idea of having open tubes on the floor.  It just seems like something a spider would love too much for me to leave it that way. You can’t see it, so the neatness doesn’t matter too much.

Now that we’ve bought our house, we still use one of the same draft snakes between our office and the (usually unheated/cooled) addition that is the sewing room. They really make a difference, were quick to make, and didn’t cost much at all. Happy sewing!