Y'all, He Wins.

Y’all, He Wins.

My husband and I went to Easter Vigil mass this year. Normally we spend Easter weekend with my aunt and uncle in Tulsa but this year we just wanted to stay home and enjoy our first Easter together at home…ever.  I’m so grateful it worked out this way because we had the best weekend.

On Saturday night, we walked over to the church in darkness, entered the church in darkness, and sat down in darkness.  When I took my coat off, knelt, and looked up, I saw the tabernacle with the candles ablaze on either side.  Jesus.

On Holy Thursday and Good Friday, the tabernacle is empty, the candles unlit.  He is not there and the church honestly feels eerie without His presence.

In the past year following the loss of our unborn son I have felt the darkness of the world in new ways. I have yearned for heaven and been reminded often that we are not created for this world, but for the next.  As I sat in the darkness of the church waiting for Easter, waiting to celebrate our Lord’s victory over death, those lit candles were a reminder that He wins. He always wins. No matter the darkness you are walking through, no matter the cross you are carrying, He has won.

Staring at the tabernacle, I started crying.  I cried tears of sadness over the pains of this life.  I cried for the suffering of Jesus on the cross and of Mary as she watched. But most of all I cried because right then, I felt the weight of the victory we were about to celebrate.  His defeat of death is our defeat of death.  We don’t have to worry about the ending or stay in the darkness forever.  We turn on the lights and celebrate because He has won.