Cowls – All Around

I finished three cowls in February, so they really are all around! Around the house, around my neck, all around.


The first one is my Northern Loop, which I knit using some Swish Bulky in Potion. I still can’t believe this yarn is discontinued! After seeing that it was knit lengthwise (and not in the round), I almost chose another pattern because I generally hate knitting scarves. And a seamed cowl is just a seamed scarf. But I’m glad I stuck it out (bulky yarn for the win) because this is a great match of pattern and yarn.



The second is my GAP-tastic Cowl — my second cowl using this pattern.  It was a great choice for the Rowan Thick ‘n’ Thin my parents brought me back from their trip to England.  I find it crazy how different this cowl looks than the first (which I gave to my mom) due to the varying thickness of the yarn.  The puffy pieces really stick out and make for a very interesting texture.



Lastly, my Roam cowl.  This was my first time using a Mobius cast-on, which blew my math-loving mind.  So fun to knit but so many stitches — I even ran out of yarn doing the bind-off! Many thanks to Alohablu who sent me her leftovers so I could finish without ripping back.  I think a Mobius cowl that needs pretty intense blocking is a weird choice after trying to do it and as many people pointed out in their notes, this cowl looks totally different on the two “sides” you create working out from the middle.  I don’t think it’s noticeable to non-knitters but I also know that’s the kind of thing that would annoy many knitters so I’ll give my fair warning! This was my first Hawthorne project and I definitely liked the yarn. Since I bought mine during the Cyber Monday sale they’ve released kettle-dyed colors, which look amazing and I can’t wait to get some!