Finished Objects Friday

Finished Objects Friday

In the first three days of January I finished three knitting projects!


Before Christmas but after we’d already purchased our gifts, my college-age brother-in-law mentioned that he would really like a knit scarf. Since we already had his Christmas gifts (and to be honest, my knitting roster was full!) and his birthday is in May, this is going to be an early birthday gift. It’s in the two colors he mentioned, green and gold. I had purchased this Biggo during Knitpicks’ Cyber Monday sale with gift knitting in mind so I had to patch together the colors to get enough for a scarf. The striping pattern is a little funky when it’s laid out, but I think it’ll look fine when it’s on.


Then I cast on a cowl for myself, which I’ve been thinking about for a few weeks. I had been working on styling my chambray shirt for winter and found myself really wishing I had a cream cowl or scarf. I wanted to use stash yarn (seriously, so much stash) and dug up this City Tweed DK in Snowshoe and then set about finding a pattern. It was a challenge to find something that would be large enough for what I envisioned but only use the two skeins of yarn I had. Arbutus was exactly what I was looking for! This cowl has a really unique construction with three separate tiers in the front and one in the back, giving it the look of a multiple-wrap cowl with the ease of wear (and yarn use) of a smaller, single-wrap one.


Finally, I got out some yarn that I’ve had earmarked since 2010 to make mittens and realized that the colors were a perfect match for my nice wool winter coat! That led me to want to knit a hat to go with them and Hermione Hearts Ron was already in my January plans for the Cookie Crumbs Mystery Tour KAL on ravelry, just in a different yarn. I switched out the Stroll Sport I had been planning on using for this Telemark and love the results! I knit the hat as directed at first, but it wound up being WAY too tall, so I frogged a repeat of the pattern which left it at a perfect size. As for the mittens, I’ve given up on them for a little while. I have to say that I adored this yarn and definitely plan on buying some in from destashers on ravelry.