Dragonfly Wings

Dragonfly Wings

I’ve really been on a shawl kick lately, both making and wearing. I wanted a solid purple shawl to wear since it’s my favorite color, so when I found the Boo Knits purple shawl KAL on Ravelry, I knew I had a great excuse to finally make one!  It’s really easy for me to hoard purple yarn because I think the colors are so pretty. You’d think with the amount of purple yarn I own I would have more purple projects!


I used some Knit Picks Stroll Kettle-Dyed (discontinued years ago) in Eggplant from my stash and purchased some 6/0 beads on Etsy to use with it.


The pattern was written out, which is usually not my preference, but I toughed through because I really liked the finished products I had seen on Ravelry.  It turned out to not be the nightmare I was imagining! The use of bold and italic rows prevented needing to carefully read each and every row once I got the pattern down creating the body of the shawl.  In fact, I didn’t use the charts for the lace at all because I was already so used to the written-out style.


I think the most surprising thing about this shawl was how little yarn it used! I used less than 250 yards of my yarn, leaving almost half a ball left for another project.

I didn’t change needle sizes throughout the shawl because I don’t care for the look of fingering weight yarn knit at such a large gauge. I just went up one size for the bind-off at the end and thought that was perfect.


This was my first project using beads and while I can’t say I enjoyed putting them on one by one, I can say that I got faster, that the rows with just one bead per repeat were much easier, and that the finished object was worth the trouble.