Gavin's Christmas Stocking

Gavin’s Christmas Stocking

Last year I decided it was finally time we had Christmas stockings and cast on the New Ancestral Christmas Stocking from Mason-Dixon Knitting Outside the Lines.  I chose to use Knit Picks Wool of the Andes from my stash in Grass, Red, and White.


I knew I wouldn’t finish two (or one!) of them by Christmas and wound up setting the first one aside for a few months after Christmas had passed.  When I picked it up, I realized I had already done all of the stranded knitting and just needed to knit the foot and do the embroidery.  The foot was easy, and I opted to do it the way I usually do regular socks since at 64 stitches, it was pretty much exactly the same as a usual sock, just bigger!


I had never done any duplicate stitching before, but this tutorial from Purl Bee was perfect and helped me get it figured out. When working on Gavin’s name, I had a lot of trouble envisioning it correctly since I found it easier to work the duplicate stitching correctly when the stocking was upside-down.  I restarted about three times before getting some graph paper, charting his entire name, and then turning it upside-down.  Next time, I’m starting that way!

Here’s what the inside looks like, for the curious:


I have plans to knit mine later this summer, leaving plenty of time to finish but also giving me a break between working on the two. Hopefully I’ll be done by Christmas!